Features of ePackBook

Enquiry Management

• Easily add & Process Enquiries
• One click survey date & Time update
• Follow ups update & comment
• On Call data update
• Quotation update with comments

Create & Send Quotation

• Multi Design Quotation Format
• Can Send Multi Company Quotation
• Preset Quotation Format
• Customization: easily change layout and content

Client Management

• Unlimited number of Clients
• Clients are stored forever
• Powerful Client Search
• Instant Access to Clients Booking
• view past history

Reminder - Survey Follow Ups

• One Click Update -Time Saving
• Select Date with Time
• Reminder upcoming surveys with time
• Reminder follow ups with last comment

Order Management

  • You can handle Approved Shifting Management process in a systematic manner.
  • One click status change from enquiry to approved order
  • Add shifting date, Truck load, Token amount, Pickup & Drop Address, Consignment No. etc.

Mail Communication

  • System generated mails will send to clients
  • Unlimited mails to unlimited clients
  • Thanks giving mails (after call to client)
  • Informatics mails (Survey Date and Time with surveyor Details )
  • Informatics mails (booking id with confirmation)

User Friendly Dashboard

  • Today follow ups Details
  • Today Approved Shifting Details
  • Upcoming Survey Details
  • Enquiry Progress Details
  • Recent Orders Details
  • Recent Delivered Orders Details

Process Tracking

  • Each enquiry is tracked by calls, mails, status, comments etc.
  • End to End process (enquiry to delivered goods)
  • Auto Notifications Enabled

Multi Devices

  • ePackBook can be used on all available devices.
  • Computers – Mobiles – Tabs – Android & App Store

Powerful Reports

  • Download Today’s Task
  • Download all enquiries, Approved Shiftings, All Customers
  • Download Shifting types – Local – Domestic – International
  • Duration Specified Reports Download

What We Do

  • ePackBook is a powerfull software to manage relocation business online. ePackBook allows their user to manage all enquiries, Notify survey date & Time, Follow ups reminder, Create and Send Quotations in stylish tamplets, Jobs reminder, Download Reports, Manage customers profile & Their Moves and many more...

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